• Required Minimum Distributions

    Dear Friends of Our Firm,

    Most of us at some time in our life, will have to calculate a required minimum distribution (RMD). Everyone

  • Section 1244 Stock

    Dear Friends of Our Firm,

    So your thinking about investing in a risky business and wonder what the tax consequences will be should the

  • Company Stock NUA Election Saves Taxes

    Dear Friends of Our Firm,

    You can save taxes when you have appreciated company stock that you plan to distribute in the short term.

  • Avoid Tax on Life Insurance

    Dear Friends,
    Do you own your life insurance policy? If so, you could be asking for tax trouble. Reason: The proceeds from the policy will

  • Beware of IRS Scams

    Dear Friends of Our Firm,

    I few of my clients have been contacted by scam artists and I wanted to let you know.

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