Innocent Spouse Relief

You, the injured spouse, are left with all the bills, including income taxes. You really don’t know what happened. You thought he or she handled it – well, they didn’t. What can you do? A little information first:

Here are some Favorable Factors which make you a good candidate:

  1. Marital Status- You live apart, are legally separated or divorced from other spouse.
  2. Hardship- You would suffer economic hardship if relief were not granted.
  3. Abuse- You have been domestically abused by the other spouse.
  4. No knowledge or reason to know- You didn’t know the reported liability was not paid or know of the items causing the deficiency.
  5. Legal Obligation- The other spouse has the legal obligation as a part of the divorce decree or other agreement to pay and you didn’t know at the time of the agreement that the other spouse wouldn’t pay.
  6. Liability- The liability is solely attributable to the other spouse.

Good News! A news article reports that, as of 2001, the IRS is accepting in part or in full 40 % of requests.

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