Wage Levy Release

So your paycheck was just cut by 75%! Wage levies are intended to create hardship. The portion of wages exempt from levy is insufficient to provide for the necessary living expenses of an individual or family. How do I make this go away?

IRC 6331 is the authority for the IRS levy and distraint action. A levy is used to reach assets of a delinquent taxpayer that are in the hands of a third party like your employer or bank. A notice of intent to levy on salary or wages is a continuous levy from the date it is made until it is released per IRS 6343.

Release of levy:

A wage release can be obtained by negotiating some equitable solution such as an Offer in Compromise, installment program, short term payment or cash settlement. A bank levy is released by negotiating with the IRS during the 21-day waiting period before the bank is required to remit funds.

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