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Homeowner Alert! Review Your Tax Forms

New tax rules are creating confusion Because of new laws many home related tax rules have changed and now require you to prove how funds are used to qualify for a deduction. This is catching many taxpayers by surprise. So when your mortgage company reports tax-related information to you and the IRS using Form 1098, […]

Audit Proof Your Tax Return

No one likes the stress involved when your tax return is under the audit spotlight. Here are some ideas to avoid some of the more common audit triggers. Report everything that has an informational tax return. If you are like most Americans, you will receive numerous 1099s, W-2s, and 1095s in the mail. The IRS receives […]

IRS Announces Impact of Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is over (for now) and the IRS is up and running. Here is a recap of IRS clarifications regarding the impact of the recent shutdown: Due dates remain the same. All filing due dates remain unchanged. Partnership and S-corp tax returns are still due March 15, 2019. And C-corp and individual tax returns […]

Early Filers Alert!

Know whether you should file early Tax filing season officially begins on Monday, Jan. 28. While the U.S. government remains shut down, the IRS will be bringing back 36,000 employees, without pay, to process returns and issue refunds. With the new rules and uncertainty around the shutdown, it’s more important than ever to get your […]

Caution! Watch For Incoming Tax Forms

Tax forms are arriving. Time to be prepared! Tax forms come in more varieties than flavors of ice cream. Nearly any time something of value changes hands, there’s a specific tax form available to capture it for posterity. Check out the list below to familiarize yourself with some of the forms that are likely to […]

IRA & Roth IRA Rollover Strategies

There are many ways to best use your IRA accounts, the more you know the better these accounts can be utilized. Here are some tips you can use to optimize your IRA & Roth IRA Rollovers. Call me at (303) 447-1626 if you have any questions!

2018 Tax Strategies

There are tax strategies out there to help you get the most out of your tax return. Keep these tips in mind when reporting your taxes for extra benefits you may not have realized you could use. If you have any questions feel free to call me at (303) 447-1626!

Get Ready! Here Comes the New 1040…

If you’ve seen the film Jurassic Park, you may remember the dilemma chief engineer Ray Arnold is faced with after a fellow employee steals dinosaur embryos and cuts the power to one of the border fences. Not knowing if the power will come back on and facing the prospect of releasing all the dinosaurs, Ray […]