Want a profitable business? Focus on customer service!

Customer service is one of the most vital yet overlooked paths to profitability. It’s time to consider how to harness the power of customer service.

Even with the best of intentions, many companies talk up customer service but don’t actually deliver. In order to really provide great customer service, every employee needs to be tuned in to how he or she can contribute to keep customers coming back again and again. This ultimately affects the net profit of any business.

Customer service includes every element of the sales transaction between your business and a customer. Though you may consider customer service just a matter of being polite to customers, it actually involves several other considerations, including:

  • Being truthful in advertising your product or service
  • Providing a product or service that meets or exceeds customer expectations
  • Being prompt in delivering your product or service
  • Letting customers know you appreciate their business
  • Handling customer complaints or other concerns promptly and politely
  • Being polite and cheerful in dealing with customers – even when they are “just looking” instead of buying

Get your employees involved

Be persistent and consistent in improving customer service. Ask your employees to compile lists of the behaviors that contribute to good customer service in your specific line of business. Then ask them to bring their lists to a staff meeting. Discuss the areas where your company could improve customer service. Decide on specific actions to take and determine who will take them, and when.

It’s important to follow through to be sure that the changes you decide to make are actually made. Your net profit will show the positive results of your efforts.